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Ibiza exhibition

Micus Space Gallery

Cala Llonga road Km03, Ibiza

“THE GOOD MAN” is an artistic installation created and produced by the artists Lucrecia Pascual, Clàudia Vives-Fierro and Eduardo Pérez-Cabrero. See painting, sound object, and sculpture.

Three artistic disciplines - painting, sound art and sculpture - merge into “The Good Man”,  an installation with a winding path. It begins with 7 acrylics about the original individual being with common feelings who has switched intuition out of his thinking in today's world, which is dominated by an often unbalanced and selfish economy.


As we contemplate the paintings, we are accompanied by the evolving creation of a sound structure that is initially complex and has gloomy, mutually overlapping sounds. While we go through the installation, the musical composition purifies itself in parallel with the “cleaning” of the already covered route. The result is a clean, purified melody full of references to the new benevolent being, "The Good Man".


The sound creation derives from the flowing of water. Eastern philosophy tries to accept change, not to fear it but to be part of that change. That entails renouncing the desire to tame nature and to merge with it instead. Everything flows like water, we shouldn't shield ourselves, we have to remain nimble.


It would be good to interpret this installation in such a way that we experience an elevation in our feelings and forms of behavior in tune with “The Good Man”.

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